Marriage in Church

A wedding ceremony marks only the beginning of a marriage and is a public witness before God to the love that two people have for each other. A Church wedding makes certain themes clearer: the vows and covenant made between two people reflect the promises that God has made to bless the world; the idea of the ‘sacrament of marriage’ reflects how God work in and through our human relationships blessing us on our journey through life.

Marriages after a divorce

In Bracknell Team Ministry we understand that some marriages fail and we try to help people rebuild their lives in new relationships. If you have been divorced and would like to discuss the possibility of being married again in Church please do not hesitate to speak to one of the clergy.

Legal Information

Everyone (regardless of nationality) who is resident within the parish boundaries has a right to be married in the Bracknell parish so long as there is no legal impediment. You do not need to have been baptised.

It is also possible to get married in the parish if you can show a qualifying connection with Holy Trinity Church. For example, this might be that you or one of your parents have worshipped here regularly for at least six months or that you have lived within the parish boundaries for at least six months or that one of your parents have lived within the parish boundaries for at least six months during your lifetime. It might be that you were baptised here or that you were prepared for confirmation in the parish or that your parents or grandparents were once married here.

It is also possible to get married in the Bracknell parish if you have legally joined one of the congregations and are on the church electoral roll. There is not the same as the Local Government roll, but is the official list of church members. To join the electoral roll you must be baptised and have attended worship at one of our churches for at least 6 months prior to application. It would be good to do this if you intend to make one of the churches your church and might be seeking other services, such as baptism, some time in the future.

The Church of England

Marriage in the Church of England can be authorised in a number of ways.

Banns are the easiest and most commonly used method. They involve notice of your forthcoming wedding being read out in both the bride and the groom’s parish churches on three consecutive Sundays prior to the wedding.

Licences are a quicker method than banns but more expensive. A common licence is usual where one of both people are residents of countries other than the UK (and certain other countries) just ask; and a Special Licence allows people to be married without the usual requirement of living in the parish, having a qualifying connection or belonging to the Electoral Roll.

Marriage by Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate is strongly recommended for couples where the immigration status of one of the people to be married is in question.


One of the clergy will want to meet with you over the coming months before your wedding to discuss the service. Preparation for marriage will also involve attending a Saturday morning session and our Administrator will send you the dates of the next Preparation morning.


This will be at Holy Trinity Church and the priest conducting the service will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

It is important that Bride and Groom, Best Man and Bride’s Father (or the one who will escort her into the church) and, if possible, any bridesmaids and page boys are present, but anyone else is very welcome to come along. Please bring your printed Order of Service to the Wedding rehearsal.

bannsMarriage by Banns

If you are being married by banns, these will be called on 3 consecutive Sundays, two months before the proposed wedding date. Banns are called at Holy Trinity at the 9.15am Service and it is hoped that you will be able to hear them being called on at least one of the three Sundays.

Important Note : If one or both of you live in another parish your banns must also be called in each of your parish churches in the same way, although not necessarily on the same dates. You must make contact with the parish priest as soon as possible. The fee will be about £41 in each church and the priest will issue you with a banns certificate which we will need to see before the wedding.


You need to choose music for the start of the service, when the bridal party enters the Church, and the end of the service, when the newly married couple lead their party out of church. It is a good idea to choose hymns with tunes that people know and will enjoy singing. We can provide ‘traditional’ organ and choir music, or more contemporary music with a worship band. We will put you in touch with the relevant musician to help you in your choice of music. Some ideas for wedding hymns are given below. You can also have recorded music played during the service, which we will need on a CD.

If you would like to consider the worship band if would be best if you came to one of our 9.15am services to discuss with our band leader your requirements and preferences for music.


If you would like us to organise the flowers in the church you will need to contact Janet Russell (Tel.01344 451 276) and discuss what would be appropriate for your wedding.

camera Photography

A good photographer is a wonderful asset to your wedding day. We are willing to work with professional photographers and the clergy person taking your wedding will be happy to discuss the practicalities of taking photos during the service with them.


If you engage a professional video maker then there will be an extra charge to cover additional copyright fees. If a member of your family wants to video the service then we ask you to let the member of the clergy conducting the service know, as it is often a good idea to discuss where best to set up the recording during the service.

moneyCost of a wedding

We are aware that a wedding day can be expensive but the church service is normally only a small portion of the overall expenditure.

To book your service we need a non-refundable £100 deposit to ensure you reserve your date.

Please click on the ‘Wedding Fees’ menu for details of current fees.

We cannot conduct your service unless the full cost is paid. We ask that you pay your final instalment by one month before the date of the wedding.

To spread the cost you can pay in monthly instalments by:

  1. Setting up a standing order
  2. Sending or bringing a cheque (made payable to ‘Bracknell PCC’) or cash to

 The Parish Administrator, Langley Hall, The Ring, Bracknell, RG12 1HD

Please mark the back of the envelope with your surnames and the date and time of your service.

To discuss arrangements

If you wish to discuss anything regarding initial wedding arrangements, or you have any other questions, please pop in to see us during ‘Clergy Surgery’, or contact the Parish Administrator.

‘Clergy Surgery’ sessions are held every Saturday morning between 9.30-11am in Langley Hall, next to Holy Trinity Church. Free parking is available on Saturday mornings next to Langley Hall.

Some Internet Links

The Church of England Website – General information about getting married in the Church of England

Try to listen to the tunes and then you can discuss your choice with the priest.

Some suggested Bible Readings for your wedding:

There are many website which offer suggestions of non-biblical readings. However the service does require that you have at least one Bible reading.