maintMaintenance Team 2018

Please can you offer some time to help with D.I.Y jobs, gardening, and general tidying up etc at Holy Trinity Church and Langley Hall.

If we can get enough people to help this will cut down the money, we have to spend on contractors to do maintenance works.

We are planning the dates below, come along and meet other people and join the team. Please bring your own equipment and tools as we have a limited number of tools. Alternatively speak to Malcolm and he will let you know what needs to be done and this can be done at a time convenient to you.  Perhaps you could offer to come along and make refreshments for the workers.


Come along anytime 8.30am-12.30pm


Saturday Maintenance Team Dates 2018
24th February
On 24th February there will be extra jobs to do as well as the usual maintenance.
Clearing the Vestry in preparation for the roof works which will start on 26th February.
This will entail lifting and moving furniture and boxes.

17th March
14th April
19th May
16th June.
21st July
08th September
13th October.
24th November