The Bracknell Night Shelter

This project provides shelter, bed and food in Bracknell each night to the homeless between December and March.  It started in 2016.
The shelters are open 7.30pm to 8.30am.
Holy Trinity runs the Monday night shelter.
We can accommodate a maximum of 20 each night.
In the 2018/19 night shelter we provided food and a bed for 41 individuals in total.

The Bracknell wide scheme is co-ordinated by Pilgrim Hearts and involves a number of churches, with seven providing the physical space and others supporting through volunteer etc.
You don’t have to be a Christian or a regular church goer to volunteer to help. All people of good will who want to make a difference are welcome.

Location of shelters

  • Sunday nights at St Joseph’s in Bracknell
  • Monday nights at  the Holy Trinity in Bracknell
  • Tuesday nights at St Mark’s in Binfield
  • Wednesday nights at  the Easthampstead Baptist Church
  • Thursday nights at Newbold College in Binfield
  • Friday nights at St Michael’s in Easthampstead
  • Saturday nights at the Methodist Church in Priestwood

Each church appoints a coordinator who heads up a team of volunteers who operate in three shifts. The first group sets up, welcomes and serves an evening meal (shift time from 1830 to 1030 with some flexibility). The second group remains overnight whilst the guests sleep, (shift time 2200-0630 – we take it in turns to keep watch). The third group prepares breakfast and closes down after breakfast when the guests have left )shift times 0630-0830, again with some flexibility). A scheme wide warden is present each night.


If you would like to volunteer as a helper at the Monday Night Shelter at Holy Trinity then please contact us on….   We will need you to fill in a volunteering form and may need to do a DBS check for working with vulnerable adults. If Mondays are no good and you want to help at one of the other sites, please contact Pilgrim Hearts (links at foot of page)

As well as shift helpers we have people who help in support roles, with admin, washing sleeping bags and blankets, supplying desserts, fund raising etc. Please get in touch if you would like to help.

Food, Clothes and Money Donations

Please contact us before donating clothes and food, to check what we need. We have limited storage space and are often overwhelmed by people’s generosity!
Money – if you would like to support tis work financially, whether at Holy Trinity of the wider scheme, this is always welcome. Again please get in touch.

Please keep this project in your prayers.

O God there is the persistent call to feed the hungry and find shelter for the homeless.  Stir our hearts to move more deeply in our efforts to help.  We feel comfortable living beyond our needs when others do not have their basic needs met.  Help us not to just pay lip service to this call but to take what action we can.  Keep our hearts in tune to hear the cry of the hungry and the homeless.  Amen.

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