Matt liked his neighbour Tom and they were becoming good friends.  Not only were Tom and his family nice people, they were also Christians and shared much of the same faith and family values that Matt did.
As they were having a coffee together, Matt asked, “Are you going to be there this Sunday when my daughter Chloe gets baptized?”
“Yes, we’re planning to be there. I love baptisms. Mine was a long time ago and I wish I had understood it better back then. Have you been baptised, Matt?”
“Yes, when I was in college. I particularly liked that white robe they gave me to wear. At least the whole thing was over quickly. I was just glad I didn’t drown!”
Tom thought for a second before saying, “Baptism is something really significant and amazing.  There’s that incredible verse where Jesus tells his disciples to go and make more disciples baptizing them into the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


I thought baptism was just some ancient tradition and what is called a sacrament”, said Matt.

“It is Matt, but it’s really important. When Chloe is baptized she will be starting a new life with a new identity and purpose. She becomes part of a new family the Church with God as Father. She’ll be identified with Jesus who was baptised himself. Chloe will also be baptised into the name of the Holy Spirit as Jesus was, and empowered to be sent out in the very same mission, to make disciples. That’s true for us too!”

“Even if we didn’t always know or understand it?”

Now Matt stopped to think for a moment. “In baptism we’re part of God’s family and sent as disciples who make disciples. It sounds like a great adventure! I’ve got some catching up to do. And I want to make sure Chloe understands how awesome tomorrow is going to be.”

Matt paused for a second then said, “I wish I had understood all of this years ago.”

Adapted by Rev Alan Bradford from with thanks.