Fiona and Beth are two friends whose children go to the same school. They are often having discussions about God and the church.

“We’re going to church with the children on Sunday. Are you going?” Fiona asks Beth in the playground as she collects her daughters from school.

“I can’t go to it, but we’re still going to be church”, replies Beth, hoping to raise curiosity and elicit a response.

“What do you mean?”, responds Fiona.

“If you mean am I going to the building where the church gathers together this Sunday, I am hoping to.”, replies Beth playfully.

“You know what I mean…are you teasing me?”, responds Fiona.

Beth opens her car door and grabs a piece of paper to draw a simple picture of a building with a cross on top.

“This is what most of us growing up have come to refer to as the church. The church as the building where Christians go, usually on Sunday, to worship and listen to the preacher.

But the Bible never ever describes the church as a building but as God’s people, in Christ, who are sent by God out into all of life to show God’s love and to make disciples.”

Beth adds another simple drawing to the right of the first one that shows a group of people with arrows indicating outward movement.


“I think this is a better picture of the church; a people who are sent by

God…who are outward focused. Certainly not a building, or contained within four walls for an hour or so each week.”

Fiona scratches her head and responds, “We don’t go to

church…we are the church. I like it. But maybe that’s just semantics.”

“Maybe, but I think it is more important than that. It might just be the beginning of straightening out our thinking about who we really are as Christians”, explains Beth

Adapted by Rev Alan Bradford from with thanks.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our worship services so that together we can be refreshed and encouraged in order go out as Christ’s light, and to be the church. See you soon!